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Athlete’s Foot Treatment Seagate

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Athlete’s Foot in Seagate

Athlete's Foot Treatment Seagate
Athlete’s Foot Treatment Seagate

Athlete’s foot is no fun, that’s for sure. It is itchy, hazardous to your health, and unsightly. This fungal disease is very easy to get. All you have to do is come into contact with it by touching a contaminated item, such as a towel, or from walking barefoot, which is common in locker rooms or in communal showers. At Body & Feet, we’re pleased to offer our Athlete’s foot treatment in Seagate.

When you first develop Athlete’s foot, you may not notice any symptoms. But soon enough, there will be reminders that you can both see and feel. The skin on your foot may crack or peel; show signs of scaling, reddening, or blistering; and it is common to experience itching or burning. Before administering our Athlete’s foot treatment in Seagate, our podiatrist will need to diagnose you. This can often be done with just a simple examination, though a skin sample may be taken for testing for any abnormalities if there is reason to. In most cases, the skin will not have to be biopsied. Treatment options will be determined based on the severity of your symptoms. Topical anti-fungal medication is typically effective. In especially stubborn cases of Athlete’s foot, you may need to take medication orally. Drugs for addressing fungus come in both non-prescription and prescription strength, so regardless of how stubborn your symptoms may be, there is every reason to feel confident about the outcome. Once you achieve the necessary results, you should take some basic precautions to prevent it from recurring. Keep your feet dry, and avoid places and things that are likely to carry the fungus.

With our Athlete’s foot treatment in Seagate, and some diligence and care on your part, it’s not that difficult to overcome this common foot problem. Schedule an appointment at our office. Call us today.

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