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Foot Care Seagate

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Heel spurs in Seagate

Foot care Seagate
Foot care Seagate

If you are having heel pain, it may be caused by a heel spur. At Body & Feet, our expert podiatrist, Dr. Eugene Shapiro, can provide you with excellent foot care Seagate for heel spurs and many other foot conditions.

When a patient has a heel spur, they have a calcium deposit on the underside of the heel bone that is causing a bony protrusion. Heel spurs can be easily diagnosed by an x-ray. If there is not visible evidence on the x-ray, foot doctors often refer to this condition as heel spur syndrome. Heel spurs themselves may not be painful, but they are often associated with heel pain, including plantar fasciitis. When a patient has plantar fasciitis they have an inflammation of the band of connective tissue that runs along the foot and connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot. There are different types of foot care Seagate for heel spurs which can include physical therapy, exercises, custom orthotics, or anti-inflammatory medicines or cortisone injections. When these conservative treatments are not successful, our patient may need to have foot surgery. However, foot surgery is not commonly needed for treatment of heel pain. A heel spur will form when the foot is continuously strained and the plantar fascia become stretched. The membrane that covers the heel bone will even develop many small tears. Many times athletes who often run and jump on hard surfaces are prone to developing heel spurs. A patient may also get heel spurs if they have certain walking gait abnormalities. If this is the case, foot orthotics should be helpful. You also should avoid wearing poorly fitting shoes that do not have appropriate arch support. Being obese is also a contributing factor to heel spurs.

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