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Seagate Flat Feet

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Treating flat feet in Seagate

Seagate flat feet
Seagate flat feet

A flat foot happens in people who have fallen arches or no arch to their feet. Most people have a gap under the arch of the foot that is raised slightly off the ground. Those with flat feet may find their feet roll to the inner side while standing or walking, and the feet point outward. It may cause discomfort. At Body & Feet, we treat those with Seagate flat feet and other podiatry problems. Our doctor, Dr. Eugene Shapiro, now treats patients with flat feet with a procedure called HyProCure.

If a person has no space under their arch, they are classified as having flat feet. Some people with this condition may experience pain in the feet and back. Pain may also occur in the ligaments and muscles that connect the feet to the leg. The inner side of the ankle and arch of the foot and calf may also feel sore. The heel of one shoe may wear out more rapidly than another does. Causes of Seagate flat feet can be genetics, aging, injuries or illness. Our procedure, HyProCure, is minimally invasive and helps with long term flexibility in patients. In this procedure, we make a small incision in the ankle or foot and place a titanium stent into the natural area between the ankle and heel bone. This prevents the ankle bone from rolling in anymore.

Aside from Seagate flat feet, we also treat other problems such as misaligned feet that cause back and hip pain, and foot problems like plantar fasciitis, pain while walking, running or standing. HyProCure allows us to to fix misaligned feet and help the body feel more in balance. Dr. Shapiro has been serving the area for over 25 years and providing the best in podiatric care to patients and their families. This includes diabetic foot care, care for bunions and hammertoes, ingrown and fungal nails, foot orthotics and more.

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